Refugees in the UK: how The Salvation Army is responding

published on 2 Dec 2016

Commissioner Clive Adams, Territorial Commander for The Salvation Army in the UK and Republic of Ireland said:

“The plight of refugees has become a serious issue and as the crisis across Europe has developed we have become even further convinced that our organisation must be there for people in need. We live in a global world now where everyone is our neighbour – The Salvation Army across the continent is doing what it can to help those who need our support, and this activity is being reflected here in the UK.

“A growing number of our Salvation Army officers are identifying local needs and are working with their local authorities and community groups to look at ways we can support with longer term solutions for families escaping war in countries such as Syria. A new team will also be coordinating our practical and spiritual assistance to help refugees across the country.

“We are privileged to be in a position to help people who have been forced to flee their homelands. The Salvation Army will continue to strive to support the most vulnerable people working with our partners in government and in communities to establish the best ways to offer them our support.”