Ready, steady, launch!

published on 4 Nov 2014

Photo: Digital Engagement Team demo the new website Today is the launch day for the newly designed website of The Salvation Army’s United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland. Above, some of the digital engagement team display the homepage of the website at the prelaunch presentation.   After months of widespread consultation with end-users and close collaboration with consultants, the website is ready for use to empower and facilitate mission as a robust digital platform. The consultation stage focused on user requirements. An exercise took place with those on the front line – corps officers (church leaders) and centre managers – using workshops to gather information on what they required and desired for their web pages.


Having gathered information on front-line requirements, the next stage of the process for the development team focused on using that information to create the design concepts for the new website. Key components of the design features were that the website had to be easy to use and allow flexibility and creativity in creating distinctive web pages for individual ministry units within the overall design.

Divisions (regional administrative areas) and churches who wish to update their content themselves will receive control of the website. Reports, placards, videos and photos can be uploaded to give the particular web page a unique look for each ministry unit, while being recognisable as The Salvation Army.

Perhaps you will not be enamoured by the new design. Perhaps you find it not to your aesthetic taste, or lacking some detail you believe to be essential. Remember that the focus is on the front line and the website is designed to meet the expressed needs of churches and centres.

The website features interactive multimedia possibilities, such as a prayer wall on which you can post prayers, the facility to post on the territory’s Twitter account, to upload videos and pictures. The website is crammed with information – from the location of the nearest Salvation Army church to how you can partner with us in serving suffering humanity. You can read about what it means to be a Salvationist and about the transformation people have experienced through the ministry of The Salvation Army.

But, why read about it when you can actually try it out on Wednesday! Here’s the link, it is expected to go live in the evening any time after 6pm. Enjoy as you explore! Happy surfing!