Providing food… and hope

published on 10 Apr 2014

[Photo credit: Fergusburnett]

New Addington Salvation Army, supported by Churches Together in New Addington and Fieldway, opened its foodbank – The Vine – offering food parcels, and renewed hope, to those in need.

An increased demand for food parcels prompted the move. The Vine will work with those in difficult financial circumstances providing food, directing people to relevant services and providing a listening ear in times of crisis.

Community partner agencies will assess specific needs and determine whether foodbank support is appropriate before issuing foodbank vouchers.

New Addington Salvation Army leader Captain Emma Spencer said at the opening event: ‘We invited people here not to celebrate the fact that New Addington now has a foodbank, but to celebrate a community coming together to meet a need.

‘Food poverty is often a symptom of a deeper problem. Our hope at The Vine is we can signpost families and individuals to further help. New Addington Salvation Army is in the process of developing additional support programmes to augment the assistance we already offer.

‘We hope people will leave this building not just with a food parcel, but with a renewed sense of hope for the future.’

UK and Republic of Ireland leader, Commissioner Clive Adams, officially opened The Vine and representatives from Croydon Council, which provided the building, attended, along with many of the businesses and volunteers who participated in the renovation of the property.