The power of song lifts spirits during delivery of vital supplies in Oldham

published on 22 Apr 2020


The Salvation Army use the power of song to lift spirits whilst delivering vital supplies in Oldham.

The Salvation Army in Oldham Fitton Hill has delivered supplies to vulnerable members of the Oldham community and included a little extra in the delivery to lift spirits.

In total over 120 wellbeing packs were given to vulnerable members of the local community and The Salvation Army used the power of song to help them in their delivery.

The wellbeing packs were made up of a hot drink sachet, a packet of biscuits, chocolate and a puzzle book and were made possible thanks to the generous donations that The Salvation Army Oldham Fitton Hill has been receiving in its coronavirus response to support the local community.

Accompanied by music from a car radio and with the encouragement and support of Greater Manchester Police, volunteers from The Salvation Army’s church and community centre, located in Fir Tree Lane Precinct, sang well-known favourites like Daisy Daisy, Sweet Caroline and You Are My Sunshine when making the wellbeing pack drop-offs.

Major Estelle Blake, leader of The Salvation Army Oldham Fitton Hill said: “Whilst delivering our wellbeing packs we thought we could create a sense of community at a time when people are encouraged to social distance and stay indoors.

“We invited local residents to stand on their doorstep and join in with the singing of some well-known songs and the response we received was incredible. We feel honoured to be seen as a church and charity in the community that cares and can put a smile on people’s faces, giving a chance to escape the troubles that we are all facing each day. It was great to even see members of the local police force get involved and sing.”

The Salvation Army Oldham Fitton Hill is one of five of the charity’s expressions in the area which also include; Oldham Citadel, Oldham Roundthorn, Shaw and Failsworth.


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