Portsmouth North MP visits Salvation Army Lifehouse

published on 19 Feb 2018


L-R: Laurie Anderson – Assistant Regional Manager, Salvation Army Homelessness Services Unit; Major Bill Dolling – Chaplain at Hope House; Lucy Brown - Programme Coordinator at Hope House; Paula Martin – Service Manager at Hope House; Penny Mordaunt MP and Claire Haque – Programme Coordinator at Hope House.

Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt went to a centre on Friday where local people who have experienced homelessness get support to put their lives back on track. She visited the Hope House Lifehouse on Milton Road and spoke to residents and staff at the Salvation Army-run centre. 

Penny Mordaunt, MP for Portsmouth North said:

“I feel privileged to have been invited into Hope House by The Salvation Army, to have met the people who are living there and heard their stories. From speaking to the residents, it confirmed my understanding of the many complex reasons why people can find themselves experiencing homelessness which are often very complicated and beyond the control of the individual."

Hope House is a Salvation Army Lifehouse. Salvation Army Lifehouses work with their residents to rebuild the confidence and teach them life skills to equip them to move into a new, permanent home.

During the visit, Salvation Army staff discussed the implications of potential UK Government proposals to change the way facilities such as Hope House are funded with Penny Mordaunt MP. 
Paula Martin, Service Manager of Hope House said:

“It was a pleasure to welcome Penny Mordaunt MP to Hope House and to introduce her to our staff and residents. Hope House is a safe environment where we support residents to rebuild their lives and regain their confidence.

“At Hope House we see the potential in everyone and we provide all our residents with the opportunities and encouragement they need to guide them onto the road towards reaching that potential so that they can break the  cycle of homelessness and lead independent and fulfilling lives.”

Penny Mordaunt MP visited Hope House on Friday 9 February.