Paula brings hope to her local community

published on 3 Apr 2020


Major Paula Hubbard runs The Salvation Army church in Aberdare in South Wales and last week the foodbank at the centre made up 100 food parcels for local people affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Paula was also able to distribute milk and bread to townspeople and provide pastoral care.

“In Aberdare we’ve been able to reach out to the community and helped so many people, but it’s not just been just food. We’ve been there to listen to them” said Paula.

“We’ve had people just crying because they can’t believe that they’ve been able to get foods like pasta from us but also that they are living in times of fear, times of doubt and times of not knowing what is going to happen in the coming days. We’ve indeed become, like we should be, the church in the community”

Paula said that while the coronavirus pandemic is a cause of anxiety for people in Aberdare – as it has been and continues to be across the country, she is grateful that she has been to be able to help others at this difficult time.

“I thank God for the opportunities of this week. I thank God that through the nightmares that many people are having to deal with that I have been able to reach out and to help them in some small way and sometimes we don’t realise what we actually do for people until they let us know” commented Paula.

The coronavirus pandemic has also helped build a better understanding among the people of Aberdare about The Salvation Army and its work according to Paula.

“There have been barriers knocked down this week – people have seen us for who we really are and that actually we don’t just hide behind our doors and it’s not just for those that we decide we will help, it’s a place for anyone and everyone” she said.

The Aberdare Salvation Army foodbank is temporarily closed but for further information and updates about our services in Abderdare please follow @salvationarmyaberdare on Facebook.

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