Parliamentary footballers recognised after defeating charity champs

published on 17 Feb 2015

Parliamentary football team captain Karl McCartney, MP for Lincoln, received the trophy recognising the team’s defeat of our charity champions at a five-a-side match in London. The parliamentarians beat our Logos House Bristol team 13: 7.

Mr McCartney told us: ‘While our team was pleased to win its football match against The Salvation Army's champion footballers, the day was about having time to meet with our opposition. 

‘On the Southwark football pitch we met two teams of men who are not letting current issues with homelessness hold them back. These people are engaged in the community of the centres where they are staying, are making the most of the programmes on offer to break through any potential obstacles they are facing and are determined to move forwards with their lives with confidence.

‘The residents of Logos House in Bristol and Booth House in London were tough opponents on the field, but they're also very determined off the pitch and we look forward to seeing how The Salvation Army will continue supporting people as they rebuild their lives, tackle the issues they face and work towards independence.’