New children's clothing bank ready to answer growing need

published on 26 Sep 2023

The Salvation Army in Snettisham is appealing for donations as it prepares to launch a clothing bank for children between six months and five years old this week.

Lieutenant Emily Hague leads the church and charity in the village and wanted to set up the West Norfolk Children’s Clothing Bank after she learnt that many parents in the area were struggling to clothe their children. 

The Salvation Army will be working closely with Maggie Anderson and her team at Baby Basics West Norfolk. Maggie leads the local branch of a national charity which was set up to respond to new parents unable to afford the essentials to look after their newborns. 

Baby Basics works with midwives, health visitors, social workers, the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, local support network agencies and numerous others to support families unable to provide for their babies. Often there are siblings who also need support and this is why this clothing bank will also cater for children up to five years old.

PR Comms Norfolk Clothes Bank
The Salvation Army in Snettisham will be working with Baby Basics West Norfolk on the new clothing bank

Emily said: “We are hearing a repeated message that the need is great. Baby Basics have helped more than 1000 new mothers and families and their babies since they launched seven years ago in West Norfolk. This year alone so far they have responded to over 260 referrals. 

 “Maggie and her team work with a wide group of professional bodies as well as schools and nurseries to provide starter packs and other essential items for families in need. 

“Earlier this year the local children’s clothing bank closed. The referral agencies Baby Basics work with were devastated as the need to support families with young children is now greater than ever. Baby Basics have seen the number of referrals for help supplying items for newborns increase substantially this year and many families have asked if they could help with their older siblings. Sadly, they do not have the capacity to be able to, which why we’ve set up the West Norfolk Children’s Clothing Bank at Snettisham Salvation Army.”

Maggie Anderson said she and the team are pleased they have been able to support Emily in her mission to set the clothing bank up.

PR Comms Norfolk Clothes Bank 2
The team at Snettisham Salvation Army have been sorting donations ahead of the clothing bank launch

She said: “We are delighted to work with Emily and The Salvation Army and believe the new service will make a tangible difference.”

Donations to The West Norfolk Children’s Clothing Bank can be brought to The Salvation Army in Snettisham, Snettisham Co-op, St Mary’s Church and The Salvation Army Community Shop in Hunstanton.

Emily and her team are currently appealing for bodysuits, sleepsuits, vests, pants, socks, T-shirts, jumpers, skirts, shorts, trousers, jackets and coats.

For more information, call 07774 619460, email or search Snettisham Salvation Army on Facebook

A Salvation Army volunteer brings an elderly gentleman a care package.

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