MSP opens new charity shop in Cowdenbeath

published on 23 Jun 2015

[Annabelle Ewing MSP and local Corps Officer, Lieutenant Laura Tomlinson applaud as Lieutenant Colonel Carol Bailey declares the shop officially open]

A Member of the Scottish Parliament has praised our new charity shop in Cowdenbeath.

Annabelle Ewing MSP, who represents Mid Scotland and Fife, said the venture would be more than just a shop as she cut the ribbon to officially open it.

Ms Ewing said: "To describe this as simply a charity shop does The Salvation Army a disservice. Yes, it will create two paid jobs plus numerous volunteering opportunities as well as providing local people a great source of affordable items including furniture and the Salvation Army with funding for other work in Cowdenbeath, as you would expect.

"There will, however, be much more to this project than a simple shop. I know they have exciting plans to use the space well with craft drop in sessions in due course and plans in place for access for those with disability as well as computer courses for those who need a practical support in their search for work."

All profits from the shop will go to The Salvation Army’s church and community centre in Stenhouse Street, which, under the leadership of Lieutenant Laura Tomlinson, runs a range of activities including a parent and toddlers group, a youth club and other community support clubs.

Daniel Rous, East Scotland divisional charity shops operations manager, said: “This is an exciting time for The Salvation Army in Cowdenbeath. This is a regionally supported, but locally run shop, so when people buy anything, they are helping our work locally.

“The project has had fantastic support so far, and a number of people and organisations have gone the extra mile to help us get it up and running. We hope to create even more links in the future so that the greatest amount of support can be provided to those who need it right here in Cowdenbeath.

“The shop will also have a positive environmental effect by helping cut down on the amount of the waste that ends up in landfill sites.”