Modern slavery survivor shares story with BBC

published on 14 Mar 2024

A modern slavery survivor being supported by The Salvation Army has shared her story with The BBC as the church and charity shares its concerns that modern slavery Is on the rise in every corner of England and Wales.

Rose, who is now being supported in a Salvation Army safe house in the East of England, came to the UK when she was offered the opportunity to become a nanny for a wealthy couple. 

Her dreams of a new life quickly turned into a nightmare when she was forced to work gruelling 12 hour unpaid shifts at a restaurant owned by the couple for six days a week and ordered to do more chores at home on her day off.

Mentally and physically abused by the couple, Rose was persuaded to go to the police by a regular customer at the restaurant who noticed that something wasn’t right.  Rose is now rebuilding her life with the help of The Salvation Army.

BBC Modern Slavery
Sadia Wane, regional operations manager for The Salvation Army, was among those interviewed

Rose’s story is on BBC Look East tonight at 6.30pm.

Major Kathy Betteridge, Salvation Army Director of Anti Trafficking and Modern Slavery, said too many victims are still falling through the net.

She added: “People who are caught up in modern slavery aren't bound in chains as maybe some think. We could be sitting next to somebody... served by somebody who is in modern slavery."

Signs someone may be a victim of modern slavery include people who are fearful or withdrawn or appear to be controlled by someone else.

The Salvation Army recommends that people should learn to recognise the signs of modern slavery and how to report if they suspect something is wrong. People should dial 999 if they fear someone is in immediate danger and if someone suspects that they or someone they may have come into contact with may be the victim of modern slavery, to call The Salvation Army’s confidential 24/7 referral helpline on 0800 808 3733. 



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