Liverpool Walton Band took centre stage in ‘Light Night’ at Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool

published on 21 May 2015

Liverpool Walton Band took a central role in ‘Light Night’ at Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral last week.

Light Night is an annual celebration of the city's cultural and artistic heritage, bringing thousands of people into the city centre to visit its art galleries, museums and beautiful religious buildings.

After playing bright pieces in the church grounds the band marched into the Cathedral to the modern swing of ‘All to Jesus’. Once inside the character of the programme changed.

Beneath the soaring gothic arches of the Cathedral the band played music chosen to combine a sense of heritage and spirituality. The crowds listened intently to ‘I Vow to Thee my Country’ and ‘What a Friend’ before a heartfelt and beautiful rendition of ‘The Light of the World’.

As the band played, a light display illuminated the vast interior of the building, the fifth largest Cathedral in the world.