Life changing service holds reunion and receives praise from local councillors

published on 5 Aug 2016

The centre, provides accommodation and support for eleven young people between the ages of 16 and 25.

Councillors for Hyndburn Borough Council Loraine Cox and Jean Battle were at the reunion event and praised the service.

Councillor Loraine Cox, said: “Crossroads gives these young people a chance in life especially as they’ve been let down so much in other areas of their lives. It teaches them how to be comfortable, sociable and approachable and I think it’s so good they have this help.”

Amy, 22 returned to Crossroads for the reunion event after leaving two years ago. She first arrived at the centre when she was 16 after becoming formally estranged from her family she struggled to live on her own and was referred to the centre. Amy is currently studying to be a vet at The Royal Veterinary College in London. She said: “Crossroads gave me a really safe place to study. It allowed me to go to a college, to apply for and get scholarships, to really get my head down and get the exam results I wanted.

“Staff were there when I needed them. When I first arrived they spent many, many hours with me uncovering what I wanted for my future and went about helping me get there, they sat me down and helped me go through it all.

“The Salvation Army brought me a laptop so I could do my course work and research universities. They really really helped me to get a solid foundation for me to build my future on.

“I don’t think I’d be where I am today if I hadn’t had the support The Salvation Army provided, they have been like a parent to me.

“I really wanted to come back today to see everyone and thank them for everything they’ve done for me at this very special place.”

Current residents spoke to past residents and shared tips for success when they left Crossroads.

Ishbel Cooke, service manager at Crossroads, said: “When our residents move on we encourage them to come back for support, and advice if they need us, and it’s wonderful to hear how they’re getting on. We wanted to hold a reunion event so we could celebrate their success.

“It’s great to see so many of them here today, confidently chatting to everyone, including councillors, senior staff members from The Salvation Army and current residents.”

For more than 150 years The Salvation Army has been transforming lives and continues to do so today in communities across the UK and throughout the world.