#LeapOfFaith: One extra day to make a difference

published on 18 Feb 2016

With one extra day to make a difference in 2016, this leap year The Salvation Army is challenging its supporters to try something that’s outside their comfort zone.

The Salvation Army’s #LeapOfFaith week will run from Monday 22 to Monday 29 February, the leap day. Using inspiring stories of transformation - from a fundraising 79 year-old grandmother who leapt out of a plane to a young girl volunteering in a shop while battling depression - The Salvation Army hopes to inspire its supporters across the UK to use the hashtag #LeapOfFaith and share how they are going to use their extra day to make a difference.

Lieutenant-Colonel Melvin Fincham, The Salvation Army’s Secretary for Communications, said: “We are amazed by the brave decisions and commitments people make every day.

“Throughout the last 150 years we have supported people as they have taken leaps of faith to transform their own lives, while our staff, volunteers and fundraisers have been taking leaps of faith to transform the lives of others.

“We’ve been so inspired that we wanted to share these stories during our Leap of Faith week.

“Keep an eye on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages and get ready to be inspired too!”

As part of the campaign, The Salvation Army has created a Leap of Faith story wall at salvationarmy.org.uk/leap-of-faith