Leader of The Salvation Army in the UK issues condemnation of yesterday’s attack in London

published on 23 Mar 2017

The leader of The Salvation Army in the UK has issued a heartfelt condemnation of yesterday’s attack in London.    

Territorial Commander, Commissioner Clive Adams, said: “I have mixed emotions as I continue to watch the news of the terror attack in Westminster.    

“I feel deep sadness for those who have been bereaved, for those who have been seriously injured, for those who have been traumatised. I mourn with those who mourn.    

“I feel deep anger at the callousness and cowardice of the attacker, and utter contempt for whatever motivated this outrageous atrocity. I condemn this barbarity unequivocally.” 

The Salvation Army stands ready to offer its support for Londoners and the emergency services following yesterday’s horrific attack in Westminster.    

Volunteers from the church and charity have been lending their support to London’s hospitals while its London-based emergency response team provided support to emergency services last night.    

Representatives will be joining hundreds of people expected to gather at Trafalgar Square tonight in solidarity against terror and to remember those who lost their lives or lost loved ones.    

The Salvation Army has a long history of providing official support to the emergency services in London and across the UK. Its emergency response unit has provided support and pastoral care to first responders and victims at incidents such as the Croydon tram disaster that happened last year and the 7/7 bombing in 2005.