International Development - Show the Love!

published on 9 Feb 2016

We can protect the people, places and things we love.

This Valentine's Day thousands of people across the country are stitching, knitting, painting and baking beautiful green hearts to show the love for all they want to protect from climate change.

So much that we love could be affected by climate change, from bees to beaches to our sisters and brothers far and wide. All of creation is under threat.

We can do something about it. 100% clean energy within a generation is possible – if enough of us show we care and want to make it happen.

Get involved

Make, wear and share your green heart in the run-up to this Valentine’s Day

Draw it, stitch it, grow it, bake it, fold it – whatever you do, do it with love!

Hand-crafting a heart is a beautiful way to begin a conversation about the things we love that climate change threatens, and the clean energy we need to protect our world.

Watch and share the film

Watch this stunning new film with Jeremy Irons and Maxine Peake, written by Michael Morpurgo.

In the words of a grandfather to his granddaughter, we can hear a message for all of us: we have to learn to love our Earth again. Watch and share the film today.

Get involved on social media using the hashtag: #showthelove

Visit here for lots more information and resources