International Development: Safety From The Streets

published on 10 Oct 2014

The streets are not the safest place for young girls who often find themselves vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. But The Salvation Army is there to offer care, support and protection…

Angel is 15 years old and was raised by her grandparents, as her birth parents died many years ago. However, they were not able to care for her, so she moved between the houses of different aunts, uncles and cousins for shelter and food. Due to her unsettled living and caring arrangements, Angel failed her 7th grade at school. This meant that she could not continue with her high school studies. On hearing this news, a relative from Dar es Salaam approached her family and requested that she come and help with childminding and domestic work. Angel moved to Dar es Salaam, but she was treated poorly by her relative and forced to work long hours. She was beaten regularly and left only scraps of food to eat at the end of each day.

Angel managed to escape and lived on the street. This is where a Salvation Army volunteer found her and invited her to our Kwetu counselling centre. The centre is situated on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam and provides education, support and training to young women who have either been trafficked or are vulnerable to exploitation. Angel has now completed a course in hotel management and moved on to a practical placement at a hotel in Zanzibar, where it is planned she will gain employment after the placement.

Angel is just one of the girls that The Salvation Army has provided with a chance to gain skills and earn an income so that they are not vulnerable at the hands of others. But there are many more girls who need this support. A recent class of girls graduating from Kwetu shared these words with us:

‘Now it has reached the time that we go home and provide a room for our fellow girls to come and get the support… We are very many in the streets, and no one has appeared to help us except you. Our fellows are still waiting for your rescue. May the Lord God lead you on this matter.’

In the face of horrendous abuse and exploitation, The Salvation Army is there offering love, care and support. By donating to our EMBRACE programme you can continue to help us as we help vulnerable girls to get themselves off the street and move towards a better future.

Find out more about EMBRACE here