International development - New look JUST GIFTS available now!

published on 3 Nov 2014

Our new JUST GIFTS catalogue is out now! With a new look and a whole load of new gifts to help people tackle poverty and injustice around the world.

We give gifts for a whole variety of reasons. We give them to show we care. We give them to bring joy to the giver. We give them because we saw it and thought of you.

JUST GIFTS exists so that you can show your global neighbours you care, to bring them joy. Honest Gudu is just one of the people who has benefitted as a result of your generous giving.

Honest lives in Zimbabwe with his elderly parents, children and grandchildren in his simple home of mud brick and grass-thatched huts. Honest relies on his small garden to feed his big family.

Honest is one of a number of farmers The Salvation Army has been training, in collaboration with a local organisation called Foundations for Farming, to teach people simple and affordable techniques to improve the amount of food that they can grow on their land.

Honest told us the difference these new techniques have made to him and his family, ‘My yields have doubled since I started using these new techniques, and it is now more than enough to feed my family. I now sell my extra crops to pay school fees for my children.’

Honest and the other farmers in the community are now very proud as they reap the benefits of this new method and model it in their communities. That’s because they have not only been taught these techniques to improve their own farming, but also to teach others in the community to do the same, using their own farm land to demonstrate the benefits of utilising this method.

The gifts available through JUST GIFTS are just a taster of the range of ways The Salvation Army is helping the poorest parts of the world.

STEP 2 - We’ll send you a lovely gift card and voucher to pass on to your loved one.

STEP 3 - The money you’ve given will help The Salvation Army tackle poverty and injustice around the world.

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