International Development: JUST GIFTS available now!

published on 3 May 2015

Our new JUST GIFTS catalogue is available now!

All of your favourite JUST GIFTS are back along with two brand new gifts, a new 'Just Fundraising' section and more case stories to show how your gifts can make a difference to people's lives! 

Browse through the catalogue online or email The Salvation Army International Development UK ( to order a copy.

Beehive Materials

Bee-keeping is an important source of income in rural areas. By giving communities the material and training to make their own beehives, they can use and sell the honey, and add more hives when they are ready to expand.

Click here to order the Beehive Materials gift.

Water Pipe

Every community needs water. Sometimes it’s buried far beneath the ground, sometimes it springs to the surface and gets contaminated before it can be used. Your gift can help communities to keep their water clean and get it where it needs to be.

Click here to order the Water Pipe gift.

The gifts available through JUST GIFTS are just a taster of the range of ways The Salvation Army is helping the poorest parts of the world.

STEP 1 - Choose your gifts in the catalogue below and place your order.

STEP 2 - We’ll send you a lovely gift card and voucher to pass on to your loved one.

STEP 3 - The money you’ve given will help The Salvation Army tackle poverty and injustice around the world.

Find out more about JUST GIFTS here or email us at to order your catalogue.