Home Secretary Theresa May Visits Salvation Army For World-Wide Women's Prayer Event

published on 10 Mar 2015

A leading MP and member of the Cabinet visited The Salvation Army in Maidenhead for a Women’s World Day of Prayer service on Friday (March 6). 

The Home Secretary and local MP for Maidenhead, Theresa May, attended the Women’s World Day of Prayer service in Maidenhead – an annual world-wide event which encourages women to use the same service of prayer around the globe. 

Theresa May said: “I was very pleased to support the Women’s World Day of Prayer service at Maidenhead Citadel. This is an important event in the local community and is a great way for Christians of different traditions to come together. When we consider events going on in the world at the moment, and particularly the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere, it is all the more important for people of faith to stand together and to pray for our country and the wider world.”

The event in Maidenhead was organised by local women. Across the world – the theme of the services focused on The Bahamas. The service itself was put together by women of the Bahamas. 

Maidenhead corps officer (church leader), Major Kim Wilson, who led the service, said: “What I like about it is for a full 24 hours women around the world are praying in solidarity. It is great to pray for the Bahamas in unity and for all those needs with the belief it will make a difference.” 

The Salvation Army in Maidenhead runs a range of work for the community, from providing a hot meal three days a week for people who are experiencing homelessness as well as providing showers and a change of clothes, to providing a meal for those who are vulnerable, such as older people, once a week. The Salvation Army is dedicated to caring for people who are in need, offering compassionate support, a listening ear and practical help.