Glasgow charity shop hosts sale day with inspiring upcycled items up for grabs

published on 23 Sep 2014

The staff at the Salvation Army shop in Partick, Glasgow, are hosting their next sale day at 10am on 27 September.

The shop, which is well-known for its large selection of furniture, has recently received some unique donations that shoppers will be able to get their hands on – a number of inspiring and stylish upcycled products.

The upcycled items, which comprise tables, chests and more, are all pieces of previously unwanted furniture that have been given a fresh new look. One plain white drawer set has been covered top-to-bottom, inside-and-out, in comic-book pictures to create a fun, stand-out bedside piece, while an old pool table top has been teamed with parts of a ladder to make a stylish desk.

The team at the Salvation Army shop has even been inspired themselves – having seen the dancing Tunnocks at the recent Commonwealth Games, they made use of the wrappers from Tunnock’s Tea Cakes to transform a side table.

Denise Waterson, Project and Recycling Manager for the Salvation Army Partick shop, said: “The upcycled pieces we have for sale are very creative. We want to inspire people and show them that it’s possible to turn shabby into chic with a little time and effort. From sanding down to reupholstering, or replacing door handles to repainting… or even using cake wrappers… there’s a wide variety of skills and effects you can use to breathe new life into old furniture.”

Shoppers can buy these pieces, as well as a great range of second-hand furniture, clothes and household items at the shop on Dumbarton Road in Partick, Glasgow, during the special sale day on 27 September from 10am.

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