First Valentine’s Day for Ernie and Jenny

published on 12 Feb 2024

Ernie and Jenny Salt’s romance in older-age won the hearts of the public last year, as they both found love for the third time in their lives, getting wed in April 2023. 

The couple from Leek will celebrate this Valentine’s Day for the first time as partners in marriage and share their top tips for a successful relationship in older life:

  • Ernie says, “remember to say ‘yes dear’ at the right time”
  • Work as a team – you’ve got to be on the same hymn sheet, talk through differences and don’t leave disagreements overnight
  • Make time for each other – the couple enjoy fishing together (Ernie does the fishing and Jenny looks on).
Jenny and Ernie in Leek town selling copies of The War Cry

The couple met while Ernie was selling copies of The War Cry publication*, The Salvation Army’s long-running magazine. He can be seen selling it most Wednesday and Saturday mornings in Leek town, which is where Jenny took a shine to him and wanted to get to know him better. 

Ernie said the last 12 months have been some of the happiest times he has ever had and called Jenny his ‘gem, my little treasure’. The happy couple are both Christians and Ernie said: “We both make time to attend each other’s churches and go to services together, at the Church of England and The Salvation Army.”  

The couple have enjoyed several holidays together, including a trip to Pefkos in Greece in October. Jenny said: 

“This was my first time abroad and although I was nervous flying on the way over, I was fine coming home. The holiday was fabulous, it was sunny and warm with beautiful scenery and red hot during the day. We just sat by the pool most of the time and played dominoes. In fact, we liked it so much we have booked to go back to the same hotel this year again, with Ernie’s son.”

Ernie and Jenny will be celebrating Valentine's Day together

Romance blossomed between Ernie and Jenny in May 2022 and they got engaged in August later that year and married last April. They will be enjoying a dinner at home with Ernie’s son, Keith, for their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. They will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary in Southport. 

Jenny said: “No one is too old for love and we all need to show some love and compassion for others on Valentines Day.”

Additional information: 

*The War Cry is the official Salvation Army weekly publication that is sold by volunteers and members of the Christian church and charity. It can be purchased or in return for a donation and is sold in places where The Salvation Army has churches. 

Jenny is in her 70s and Ernie is in his 80s. 

The original story published here:

[2 August 2023]

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