Emergency Response Units Back and Ready for Action after Exercise Unified Response

published on 16 Mar 2016

After feeding over 2,000 volunteers and personnel involved in Europe’s largest ever disaster training exercise, our Emergency Response Catering Units were in need of a thorough clean. 

The four day exercise began on the 29th February in Kent and through the exercise, emergency service crews practiced their ‘urban search and rescue’ skills and coordination skills in a realistic environment. The exercise involved a simulated building collapse onto Waterloo tube station, recreated near the Dartford River Crossing.

The Salvation Army provided 75 volunteers throughout the exercise to offer pastoral support and care to emergency services personnel involved. Two of The Salvation Army’s Emergency Response Catering Units were present around the clock providing sustenance and a chance for some well-earned rest for the responders through cups of tea and coffee, snacks and bacon butties.

Following the exercise, Ideal Response, a specialist recovery and hygiene company based in Kent, showed their support of The Salvation Army by offering to undertake a full clean of the vehicles involved for free.

Pat Nolan, Commercial Manager at Ideal Response said: “We’re extremely proud to support the Salvation Army and the incredible work that the volunteers undertake, day in day out. It was our pleasure to get the Emergency Units back, ready for the next emergency.”

Following the exercise, Maureen Hepburn, our Territorial Emergency Services Officer said: “It was so heart-warming to see how well our volunteers cared for people and truly show how their 'Heart to God' was translated into 'Hand to Man'.

“Emergency response is more than assisting during an incident - it is a real and powerful ministry to emergency responders and those affected by the incident.”

The Salvation Army has 18 emergency response vehicles around the United Kingdom and Ireland.