Emergency Response Unit supports local drill in Wales

published on 18 Mar 2022

Emergency drill response in Wales
The Salvation Army serves firefighters during a drill exercise

The local Salvation Army Emergency Response Unit supported a multi-agency training exercise that took place on Sunday 6 March at the Severn Tunnel Junction.

This included providing refreshments for over 100 firefighters from the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

A team of five volunteers from the Morriston Salvation Army in Swansea went along to the exercise and provided pasta bolognese and bacon butties.

During a real life situation, the fact that the Emergency Response Unit is standing by to provide food, hot drinks and emotional support can make all the difference.

The pasta bolognese, bacon butties and banter went down very well!
Adrian Clee, Territorial Emergency Response Officer

Adrian Clee, the Territorial Emergency Response Officer for The Salvation Army said: “It’s helpful to take part in these exercises, to give volunteers an opportunity to practice, and see the work that we do during an emergency response.

“The pasta bolognese, bacon butties and banter went down very well.”

These training exercises help the church and charity to continue to provide practical and emotional support to emergency responders and local communities during times of crisis.

Head of Operations for South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Garry Davies, said: “Taking part in training exercises is an essential part of the firefighter role. Exercises of this nature ensure that crews hone and maintain their skills, preparing them for all types of incidents.

“We are incredibly grateful for the services provided by The Salvation Army during our multi-agency training exercises and want to thank them for their continued support.”

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