Emergency Response Unit present at Europe’s biggest disaster training exercise

published on 29 Feb 2016

The Salvation Army’s Emergency Response Unit is taking part in Europe’s biggest ever disaster training exercise in Dartford this week.

From today, Monday 29th February, 75 Salvation Army volunteers will be on site over the four days of the Exercise Unified Response (EUR) alongside other voluntary organisations to provide pastoral support and care to firefighters, police officers, ambulance personnel involved in the rescue simulation.  

The exercise involves a simulated building collapse onto a tube station which has been recreated in an old warehouse near the Dartford river crossing.

Volunteers will man two of The Salvation Army’s emergency relief mobile canteens and three tents as well as provide support for casualties and personnel in the rest centres and Humanitarian Assistance Centre on site. 

Major Maureen Hepburn, the Emergency Services Officer for The Salvation Army, said that The Salvation Army remains committed to serving others affected in emergencies.

“We have teams of officers and volunteers around the country trained and ready to respond if and when needed, whether that emergency is large or small, the people affected and others who respond are who we stretch out our hand to.”

“We believe that the support we can offer is holistic, taking care of mind, body and spirit and we will continue to be present in emergency situations such as this for as long as we’re needed.”

EUR is being funded by the European Commission Exercise Program and is being coordinated by London Fire Brigade on behalf of the London Resilience Partnership. 

The Salvation Army’s emergency vehicles attend between 170-200 call outs per year.