Edinburgh group inspired by Salvation Army doctor who transformed lives in India

published on 23 Apr 2018

A group from Edinburgh are embarking on an aid mission to India in memory of a Salvation Army officer who transformed lives there.

Members of the Salvation Army's community church in Gorgie will today (Monday) travel to Kolkata for the first stop on a two-week tour of the country.

The trip is in memory of Commissioner Dr Harry Williams, a pioneering plastic surgeon and Salvation Army officer who worked in hospitals across in India for 30 years.

During their stay, the 12 members of the group will visit some of the country's most deprived areas to see the work being done in Salvation Army projects and centre. Ahead of their trip, the group raised £4000 and the money, along with £2000 raised in memory of Commissioner Williams, will be used to support the Salvation Army's frontline work.

The group are also taking a variety of supplies, including sports clothing and equipment, children's and babies' clothes, toys, stationery, footwear, medical resources, toiletries and perfumes.

Major David Betteridge, corps officer at Edinburgh Gorgie, hopes the trip will encourage our friends in India and motivate the church to support the charity's work there well into the future.

David said: "We hope that through our visit we will create an ongoing relationship between the Salvation Army in Edinburgh and India - a part of the world where Commissioner Williams served as a Salvation Army Officer.

"We travel to Kolkata first and will visit the Salvation Army's Children’s Street Project, the Bahala School for Girls and a number of other projects. From there we will take the train to Darjeeling to visit a school for hearing-impaired children, a men's hostel, a care home and the Darjeeling Salvation Army church."