Council invests in children’s groups at Oldbury

published on 13 Feb 2024

The Salvation Army church in Oldbury were blessed with a Council grant towards their youth and children’s work. 

The community infrastructure levy grant of £3,423.96 was used to buy new technology as well as a new football table for children of all ages. 

Deborah Hampton, Salvation Army Church leader said: “Sandwell Council have invested in our work here and that says to the kids that they are valued. Their faces were so surprised and excited when they saw the new equipment installed for them. We wish to thank the Council and Councillors for supporting our work here and investing in our children. Having a place for children to gather is so important outside of school and home. It is an important place for children to come to and make new friends and be themselves.”

It has really helped my youngest’s confidence particularly as he missed out on many playgroup experiences due to Covid
The children's groups received funding to provide new games

The children’s work at the church is funded by The Salvation Army and supports children aged 4-11 years old (‘Kidz Klub’) and teenagers (Shockin) between 12-16 years of age, (each child pays a small fee on entrance). The Council grant assisted the church to purchase equipment to show media clips and films and for dance and worship as well as fun games for inclusiveness. The clubs support 67 children in total.

The clubs encourage children to socialise together in a safe place and to explore faith, with the value of these clubs particularly important at a time when 750 youth clubs have closed since 2010 across England and Wales (according to the Local Government Association*). Parents said how valuable the facilities and church were to their children: 

The space used by children at Oldbury Salvation Army

Parent 1: 

“As parents we are grateful for a safe environment to host a youth club where we know the teenagers are safe but have independence at the same time. It means they have maintained friendships with primary school friends that have gone to different high schools. They look forward to their Friday evenings together at Shockin.”

Parent 2:

“We are grateful for a safe environment for the youngsters to get together every Friday for their club. Playing, singing and spending time with their friends. It has really helped my youngest’s confidence particularly as he missed out on many playgroup experiences due to Covid. Bringing their sweets home for a Friday evening treat is a highlight of the week. We have also really enjoyed becoming part of the church community and enjoy the Christmas events as well as other events throughout the year”.

The Salvation Army church at Oldbury begins Sunday worship at 10.30am. It runs a gardening group on Thursday mornings and community café on Tuesday mornings. 

Salvation Army Officer Cadet comforts woman

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