Computer equipment donation boosts Aberystwyth church in Wales

published on 8 Jul 2014

Online electrical firm ebuyer has donated computer equipment to The Salvation Army in Aberystwyth, Wales after hearing about the church and charity's work with local vulnerable people.  

The internet retailer donated two laptops to the corps at Alexandra Road to help people apply for jobs and get access to housing and benefits information.  

Speaking about the sponsorship, Lieutenant Deryk Durrant said: "I cannot describe how useful it will be for us to be able to offer free usage of this kit to those in need - especially given that many vulnerable people are not comfortable using computers and now most job applications, housing applications and benefit claims need to be made online.  

"We had limited funds to buy computer equipment but, to our absolute delight, the team at ebuyer pulled out all the stops and gifted us with exactly what we were looking to buy.  

"We are a small church but believe in openly living out our faith and the good news of God's love for everyone. We aim to demonstrate a practical concern for all and speak out against social injustice.   "Through our actions, we want to help individuals to develop and grow in their own personal relationship with God. This leads us to be involved with many different kinds of vulnerable people, many of whom struggle to relate to and effectively deal with the departments of national and local government that are supposed to assist them."  

For further details of the programme in Aberystwyth, you can contact the corps directly or follow their facebook page; ebuyer can be contacted via their website,