Care Quality Commission reviews modern slavery services

published on 10 Jan 2023

Statement from The Salvation Army on Care Quality Commission review of services provided through the Modern Slavery Victim Care Contract.

“The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has published a report of services provided to recovering survivors of modern slavery by The Salvation Army and our partners through the Government’s Modern Slavery Victim Care Contract. We welcome this additional layer of scrutiny, which has built on the existing monitoring systems we have in place to ensure we continue to offer the best support possible for the people in our care. 

“We are encouraged by the confirmation from the CQC report of good practice within our services, meeting and often exceeding contractual standards and the quality of services and commitment of staff as they go above and beyond when working with survivors to provide tailored support based on each individual’s needs.

“The areas identified for improvement and recommendations cover issues which have already been identified by The Salvation Army and our partners.  In most cases, we have already taken action to address these areas but welcome this report as an additional tool to aid us in continuously improving outcomes for survivors of modern slavery.

“We are also encouraged that more recent CQC inspections, undertaken in the past six months and not included in the published report, have identified that our partners have taken on board and implemented learnings arising from these inspections which are now embedded in their practice. 

“We look forward to working with the CQC in the future, having witnessed how their inspection regime has complemented and added value to this service.”

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