Cardiff North MP visits Salvation Army Lifehouse

published on 14 Mar 2018


Northlands residents with Major David Emery, Anna McMorrin MP and Northlands Manager Sally Anthony

Cardiff North MP Anna McMorrin went to a centre on Friday (9 March) where local young people who have experienced homelessness get support to put their lives back on track. She visited the Northlands Lifehouse on North Road and spoke to residents and staff at the Salvation Army-run centre. 

Anna McMorrin, MP for Cardiff North said:

“I’m very grateful to The Salvation Army for inviting me to visit Northlands Lifehouse so that I could learn about the great work that is being done there to support younger people on their journey out of homelessness. In Wales, the Welsh Government introduced the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 placing a statutory duty on local authorities to provide housing advice and assistance to everyone within their local area, regardless of whether or not they are homeless or threatened with homelessness.”

“At Northlands Lifehouse I spoke to residents and they explained to me about the support they receive to improve their overall health and emotional wellbeing, education, training and employment opportunities. I enjoyed hearing about the life skills that residents are taught at Northlands to help them gain their independence which include cooking, budgeting, house work and maintenance and problem solving. My visit also confirmed my understanding of the many complex reasons why people can find themselves experiencing homelessness which are often very complicated and beyond the control of the individual."

Northlands is a Salvation Army Lifehouse for young people aged 16 to 21 years old. The project offers vulnerable young people a positive supportive environment and a unique tailored programme designed towards supporting all our young people to identify their support needs, goals and achievements during their time with us.

During the visit, Salvation Army staff discussed the implications of potential UK Government proposals to change the way facilities such as Northlands are funded with Anna McMorrin MP. 

Yvonne Connolly, The Salvation Army’s Regional Manager for Homelessness Services in Wales and the West said:

“It was a pleasure to welcome Anna McMorrin MP to Northlands Lifehouse and to introduce her to our staff and residents. Northlands Lifehouse is an award winning service that offers vulnerable young people a credible and connected route out of homelessness.  

“More than a place to stay, our lifehouses offer support and accommodation to help young people rebuild their confidence; learn and develop new skills and improve their employment prospects allowing our next generation to connect with and reach their true potential”.