Cambridge leaders say new facilities will bring community together

published on 3 Sep 2021

Salvation Army leaders in Cambridge will use the redevelopment of their church in the city to bring people together with a new community hub while existing facilities will also be improved.

The church and charity have been serving the local community since 1885 and Majors Martin and Leanne Cordner say the new facilities will help continue that tradition. The Salvation Army is working with Archangel Architects to transform their existing buildings and construction is well underway.

Martin said the refurbishment is being carried out to serve the community in a more integrated and holistic way. The new development also includes lift access to the first floor to enable disabled people to fully participate in activities. Children and youth activities will be more adequately accommodated on the first floor along with modern facilties which can be used by other groups

He explained: “The last major update update was in 1996, so there is a need to modernise to keep the buildings up to date.”

Cambridge Citadel Build
Nigel Walter, founder of Archangel Architects with Majors Martin and Leanne Cordner from the Cambridge Citadel

The work will include the creation of an informal community hub where coffee and care and a chance to socialise will be offered. Other alterations planned include improving the facilities in the community centre, remodelling and extending the kitchen and increasing storage space for food parcels.

The total project cost is around £2 million. Cambridge Salvation Army is committed to giving and raising £1.5 million towards the cost with the remainder coming from central Salvation Army funds and public appeals.

Martin and Leanne said: “We’re very excited to think that these buildings will soon enable members of the wonderfully diverse Mill Road community, charity shop customers and church attendees to meet and share over a cuppa. Everybody will be welcome and everyone will be able to find a friend. That’s what true community is.”

It’s hoped that work will be completed at the end of the year while an official opening ceremony will take place once the new church is up and running.


Salvation Army officer having a cup of tea with a service user

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