7/7 bombings: We pay tribute nine years on

published on 7 Jul 2014

An extract from a Christian Today article dated 9 July 2005

The Salvation Army had been out in force after the bomb attacks on 7 July 2005 on the London Transport Network, offering pastoral support to those affected.

A Salvation Army emergency vehicle has been stationed at Russell Square since the bombings took place, with the extra support of volunteers, to offer pastoral support and refreshments.

Other teams were also positioned at King’s Cross, offering support to the emergency services and comfort to survivors, and Oxford Street, to help stranded commuters, with the teams working until late last night.

The Salvation Army welcomed the emergency services into its Faith House Social Services Centre, which is opposite King’s Cross, to paramedics and other members of the emergency services, offering pastoral support and refreshments.

Later that evening The Salvation Army was on hand in central London distributing clothing and food parcels to members of the general public and those still trying to get home.

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