Meet Carolyn

Our churches and community centers across the country are hubs of activity where people of all ages can come together in friendship.

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Before the pandemic Carolyn, a community support officer in Droitwich, saw there was a need within the community of older people for a space where they could socialise. So the luncheon club was born, a weekly club where people could come together to share a hot meal and friendship.

It’s this group of people that Carolyn has dedicated herself to serving during the pandemic. Once she realised how much they would miss the social interaction that the luncheon club gave them, she decided that she would give each of them a phonecall once a week, that’s about 70 people.

Carolyn says; “Just to make sure that they were OK, in themselves, often just so they could have a chat. There were some people who that might be the only person that they spoke to that day, even over a few days.”


No matter how tough the challenges are that people face The Salvation Army is always there to offer a helping hand.

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