Coronavirus Response Appeal

We urgently need your help!

During this crisis we are working hard to re-imagine our services to adapt and meet the current needs.

With people losing their jobs and income, the number of people hit hard by the virus is just getting bigger, alongside older isolated people and others who are already in vulnerable situations.

Coronvirus salvation

There is now an urgent need for us to provide emergency food services. Using our existing food bank infrastructure we are able to distribute food and essential supplies such as medication. However, the increased demand means increased costs.

From the facts available to us now we are planning to distribute 22,000 food parcels across the nation. To provide one family with enough supplies for a full week will cost £30.  We expect there will be a significant increase to this provision over time, depending on our ability to resource this.

Can you help us at this difficult time?

Your donation today will enable us to provide food, medication and essential supplies to the most vulnerable people. We really need your support in this time of crisis.

Please, if you can donate or support us in any way, we would love to hear from you. 

To get in touch today email us on or call us on 020 7367 4826.

Or you can make a online donation.

How your donation could help

  • £5,000 – could provide 166 food parcels to help those most hard hit by the crisis

  • £7,500 – could allow a Corps to help 250 families for one week.

  • £10,000 – could help 83 families for a month during these difficult times.

Or choose your own amount – Making a donation puts us one step closer to helping people during this time.