Lunch clubs

Part of our mission is to be at the heart of communities, bringing them together.

We don't just provide lunch clubs and Christmas dinners, but play an important role in creating new friendships through to reducing isolation through healthy and hearty meals in a safe and caring environment.

Our halls are also accessible for anyone with mobility issues and our centres cater for a wide variety of needs, with transport available if required.

Upper Norwood Salvation Army, based in South London, serves two-course meals every Monday (from roasts to shepherd’s pies) at affordable prices. Each Christmas a lunch is provided for their senior craft club members – with a present for all. There is also community carol singing with the band.

At our Lockerbie church, soup and sandwiches with tea/coffee are served at their lunch club – followed by games, quizzes and entertainment. As well as helping people who are experiencing homelessness, we support families who have hit hard times, people who have been made redundant, become ill or are experiencing benefit delay.

Every church and centre provides pastoral support and a friendly chat.

It's nice to know there are people of all ages who are looking out for me.

Locate your nearest Salvation Army and find out what’s cooking in your area today!  

Angela, 79, is a regular at the lunch club at Cambridge Heath Salvation Army.   

She used to spend her days alone in her flat until a neighbour encouraged her to visit The Salvation Army lunch club.

Angela now attends the club every Thursday and says: 'The food is good but what really makes it fun is the people. I worried about going at first because I didn't know anyone but everyone was very welcoming. It's great to know I have friends to catch up with every week. We have a gossip over lunch and a cup of tea. 

'Some people bring in their knitting and we talk about what we've been doing and just have a good laugh. It's nice to know there are people of all ages who are looking out for me.'

The Big Tea Party

Our Big Tea Party is a fantastic way to get everyone together and celebrate caring for communities.


Our cafes are found in the heart of communities across the UK - and they do more than just serve tea.

In the community

We work at the heart of communities transforming lives in the name of Jesus

Activities in the community

Participating in meaningful activities within the community