Redefined is designed to help corps, groups and individuals understand, explore and discuss gender-based violence, and look at ways we can overcome this injustice together.

No person can be defined in one word. We are beautifully complex creatures, shaped by the place we are born, people we meet and situations we encounter.

For some women, the way they are treated and defined is determined only by their gender. These women are trapped within their definition, a definition that only considers one aspect of who they are.

One in three women or girls will experience violence in their lifetime simply because they are female.
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The incomplete definitions placed on women limit the opportunities that they are given, restrict the rights they are afforded and affect the way they are treated.

But we are not what other people say we are. We are not what the world thinks we are. We are what God knows us to be.

God created us all in his image. When he looks at us he sees his children; unique, yet equally loved and valued.

We want to challenge the incomplete definitions that limit the opportunities that women and girls are given, restrict the rights they are afforded and affect the way they are treated.

Will you help women around the world to rebuild their confidence, restore their dignity, and redefine their place in society?


Support The Salvation Army's work with women around the world who are experiencing gender-based violence by:

  • Donating online
  • Using the resources below to engage your corps or group in Redefined 

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Redefined - Overview video

Redefined - Reflection video

Redefined - One in Three

Redefined - Traits


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed their time and skills to support the creation of Redefined.

With special thanks to Anne Gregora, Carl Jobson, Hayley Still, Liz Hall, Verity Leonard-Hill, Wendy Watkins, and our designers Lloyd Kinsley and Fruitmedia.

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