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In the urban slums of Nairobi, Kenya, every day is a struggle for survival. 

It is harsh. It is squalid. It is unfair. It is neglected. 

But it is not hopeless.

Not content with life as it is, people are coming together and taking their future into their own hands. Together they are pursuing life as it could be, as it was intended to be.

As part of a community self-help group, members regularly contribute small amounts of money to build up a communal fund. They can then each take loans from this shared pot to start or expand their business, or pay for unexpected costs.

The Salvation Army is already working and walking alongside these communities. Money raised through Helping-Hand 2019 will help to provide training, facilities and support to equip and enable these self-help groups to thrive.

Training individuals in business management, accounting, marketing, healthcare and anti-human trafficking helps to improve opportunities, grow confidence, generate income and strengthen resilience within the whole community.

It is the epitome of empowerment, equality and accountability.

In each person there is a flicker of hope. In each group there is a spark of potential. In these seemingly desperate surroundings, community has flourished and potential is being fulfilled.

In community, life can be about more than mere survival.

When a community shares, it can thrive.

When a community shares, it can thrive


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Engage your group or corps in the Community Shares theme using the resources below:


Introduction - Watch  /  Download

Cecelia's Story - Watch  /  Download

Jephreys' Story - Watch  /  Download

Kibera Mamas - Watch  /  Download

Caroline's Story - Watch  /  Download

Session Guides

Toddler Church - Download  /  PowerPoint Download

Midweek Meeting Guide - Download

Men's Ministry - Download

Faith at Home - Download

Stories - Download


Overview with video - Standard (4:3) Download  /  Widescreen (16:9) Download

Overview without video - Standard (4:3) Download  /  Widescreen (16:9) Download

Printed materials

Poster - View  /  Download

Flyer - View  /  Download

Money Box - Download (Print on card and assemble at home)

If you would like to order hard copies of the Community Shares Poster, Flyer or Money Box, please contact your local Regional Specialist (Family Ministries) or email The Salvation Army International Development UK at or call 020 7367 4777.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed their time and skills to support the creation of Community Shares.

With special thanks to Dean Coates, David Wearmouth, Hannah Browne, Hayley Still, Jane Mylechreest, Rachel Gotobed, Kibera corps, Dandora Phase 2 corps, The Salvation Army Kenya East, The Salvation Army Video Production Unit and Fruitmedia.

We are also thankful to the many Family Ministries groups and Salvation Army corps members who have and continue to financially support The Salvation Army's international projects through the Helping-Hand Appeal.

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