Meet Barbara

Barbara Maud Burton
Barbara volunteers in Abergavenny

I’m from Clydach – I was born in the country. I got married to William when I was 23 and we came to Abergavenny. I’ve always cleaned people’s houses and helped them and put a smile on their face. I used to work for two older gentlemen in Abergavenny for 15 years and an older lady. They all had family but I used to help care for them by visiting them and helping them stay independent. I’ve always looked after people.

I was brought up in the chapel until I got married. When my husband passed away, I came to church here. I’d always wanted to be in The Salvation Army and I became a soldier straight away because I was raised as a chapel-goer and I believed in God. The Salvation Army has been my life and I loved it.

I’ve been volunteering at The Salvation Army charity shop in Abergavenny for 25 years but my husband didn’t mind that. Through the shop I’ve helped and met so many people, but I can’t do as much as I used to do when I was younger. It is getting harder. I used to spend all my time in the shop and I’d be down there at night. I now share the responsibility with other volunteers and I enjoy that and being part of the team.

I like helping people and meeting people and working with other people at the shop. I’ve met a lot of good volunteers at the shop and it also means that I’m in touch with the local community.

I also like giving people hugs – I like welcoming people with a hug and saying “Are you okay? Can I help you?” 

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