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The Salvation Army red shield symbolises a great deal of things to many people. When people are homeless, or hungry, heartbroken and lonely, our red shield means that someone who is caring and capable is here and knows how to help. When people face emergencies, our red shield means that relief is on the way.

James lived in a houseboat several miles from the nearest town, but – due to poor health and vulnerability to the virus- he couldn’t leave his home. James’s boat wasn’t a registered address, so it seemed impossible to get anyone to deliver essentials to his door. His sister Caroline was at her wits’ end with worry about her brother.

When Caroline came to us with a plea to help her brother, we didn’t hesitate. We put her in touch with her nearest Salvation Army centre. ‘I told the local officer, Major Ruth, how worried I was about my brother,’ Caroline remembers. ‘When I explained the situation, she said straight away that she could help. After so many other people had seemed unable to help, it was just what I needed to hear. Major Ruth restored my faith in humanity.’

James was tearful when Caroline phoned him to tell him The Salvation Army was on its way with a big parcel of food and other essentials. It was a huge relief as he had hardly anything left to eat.

The Salvation Army volunteer who delivered James’s supplies had her work cut out to find him, without a postcode or a proper address. But finally, there she was, at the door of his houseboat. And as James told us: ‘When I saw the Salvation Army red shield, I knew everything was going to be all right.’ 

This year has taught us that our country needs the red shield and all it represents. Every day we help people like James who have nowhere else to turn. We know that people who are suffering will continue to need us.

A gift of:

£30 could pay for a food parcel to feed a desperate, hungry family for six days.

£63 could pay for a specialist trauma counselling session for a victim of modern slavery.

£114 could meet the cost of a Salvation Army officer to run one of our community centres for three days to organise meals and other vital support for older and vulnerable people.

Please make a donation to our Autumn appeal today using our simple, secure online donation form. Alternatively, you can call us on 020 7367 4800, email us on or download our postal form below.

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