Help us always be there

Officer providing support

Throughout the last 150 years, we have always been here for the people whose need is the greatest.

Our work never stops. So long as people need our support, we will be here for them – inspired by our faith, dedicated to providing practical help.

We’re here at times of national crisis, like WW2, 7/7 and Covid. And we’re here for people at times of personal crisis too. Whoever they are, whatever their troubles or beliefs, we’ll welcome them unconditionally with the promise of comfort and help. And without discrimination.

You can make sure we will always be here when we’re needed, with a regular gift to The Salvation Army.

Our work never stops

The Salvation Army is working hard in communities, towns and cities across the UK to deliver care, support and practical help to some of the most lonely, underprivileged and desperate people.

A Regular Gift of:

  • £2 a month could contribute towards a welcome pack for a homeless person in one of our residential centres (Lifehouses).
  • £12 a month could provide an hour of one-to-one support work for a homeless person in one of our centres.
  • £17 a month could pay for a weekly luncheon club so 6 lonely older people can enjoy lunch and friendship at a Salvation Army community centre.

If enough people are prepared to support us with a regular gift, it will mean that we can look to the year ahead knowing that we will have the funds to carry on our work.

What’s more, pledging a regular gift does not commit you if your circumstances change, because you are free to alter or cancel your regular gift at any time you want.

To many, your support will be priceless, so please set up a regular gift today if you can.

Thank you. 

*Models have been used in photographs across some of our adverts and webpages to reflect the true stories of people that we help every day.