Hadleigh Farm statement

Salvation Army Territorial Commander, Commissioner Anthony Cotterill said;

“The condition of these houses is unacceptable. It is clear that we let down the tenants of Seaview Terrace and Mount Zion and I am deeply sorry.

“As well as an unreserved apology, I would like to offer reassurance that for some months now we have been working on an urgent action plan to bring these properties up to the correct standard.  

“Our tenants are right to be angry but with the help of our new Property Director, appointed in May 2021, we are confident that we are now taking urgent action to right these wrongs. Further senior appointments to manage planned works will also support the improvements process.

“Work is already underway. In November 2021 we started work to survey all tenanted properties in the Hadleigh and Benfleet area. 

“Over Christmas we refurbished some empty properties on the estate and nearby to act as temporary homes for tenants who may have to move out while large scale work is being completed. Two tenants have already been offered alternative accommodation while work is underway on their homes.

“In January we started the process of appointing contractors to work on 4 properties on Mount Zion. 

“We will have completed most surveys of Seaview Terrace by next week and the wider survey review will be completed by the end of April. Following an evaluation of this work, we will put together an estate wide plan of action and appoint building contractors.
 “While I am confident that we are taking the right action now, I do not deny that we took too long to act. 

 “Some of this work was scheduled to start in 2020 but the pandemic meant it was difficult to survey homes and access building contractors. We also lost a newly appointed Property Director in early 2021 who passed away following an illness that caused an absence from work. However, I fully acknowledge that this does not account for the overall length of time it has taken to put right these wrongs.”