Erskine Community Church & Centre


Our Mission Statement

ADVANCING forward with Faith, we look UPWARDS in adoration, going DEEPER with our Creator. We move TOGETHER in fellowship, moving OUTWARDS with Love.

Our Values

We advance for God and because of God.
It is his kingdom reign we look to, his will we seek.

Therefore we ADVANCE UPWARDS in worship and adoration to the one who holds it all.

We are part of the body of Christ and each of us, old and young, male or female, have a place within it. This a spiritual home for all and so Erskine Corps ADVANCE TOGETHER as a fellowship of ordinary people.

Life is not simple. God’s mission takes us out of our comfort zone. Therefore our anchor must be secure.

As we move forward purposefully, we ADVANCE DEEPER in relationship with God as disciples ready to learn.

Ultimately, we believe in a wonderful and powerful message of hope, love and transformation. A message of Good News we cannot keep to ourselves. So we ADVANCE OUTWARDS to share that news with others.

Where we are

11 Kilpatrick Drive
United Kingdom

Email address:

Phone: 0141 8124924

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