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As part of the universal Christian Church The Salvation Army values its relationships with other churches and welcomes the opportunity to worship, work and witness together. We are also committed to interfaith engagement.

Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace (Ephesians 4:3 - The Bible)


  • Statements in response to the Westminster attacks have been made by Churches Together in England, the Conference of European Churches, the World Council of Churchesand UK interfaith organisations 
  • The Salvation Army has welcomed a Syrian refugee family under the Community Sponsorship scheme. This is only the third family to be resettled under the scheme. The first was accommodated in Lambeth Palace, the second in a Roman Catholic Parish in Salford.   

  • It has been announced that Major David Evans will move from leadership of the Worthing Corps to become The Salvation Army's Territorial Ecumenical Officer on 20 July. He will succeed Lieut-Colonel Jonathan Roberts whose new role will be in The Salvation Army's Publishing Department.

  • Rise in anti-Semitism leads to call for Christians to 'be there alongside Jewish neighbours as well as Muslim neighbours and those of all faiths'. (Source:


During this year churches will be marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation within an ecumenical context. Reformation 500 Events

Other events in the first part of 2017 include the following:



Lent begins on Wednesday 1 March

The theme of the course is Returning Home: Christian Faith in Encounter with Other Faiths. The Lent resource explores how Christian faith has been deepened and enriched by encounters with people of different religions. Resources

Read Major Joanne Reid's blog Sally Army Lent 2017


14-20 May

With a focus on refugees, Christian Aid Week features the Big Brekkie, a house-to-house collection and a church collection

25 May - 4 June 

Thy Kingdom Come is a global, ecumenical wave of prayer for more people to come to know Jesus Christ. Commissioner Clive Adams, the leader of The Salvation Army in the UK and Ireland, is encouraging its members to join in. He writes...

'Traditionally, the Church uses Christian festivals to focus on, and prepare for, the celebration of those festivals. Thus, during Advent, we focus on the coming of Immanuel, in Holy Week, we reflect on the Passion of the Saviour, and between Ascension Day and Pentecost, we prepare for the coming of the Spirit.

'Often, preparing for the festival itself is not the only focus, and last year the Archbishop of Canterbury called the Church to engage in prayer in the same way the first disciples did as they "waited in Jerusalem for the Promise". Hundreds of thousands responded and this year a similar call to prayer in the period between Ascension Day and Pentecost is being made - in the hope that the hundreds of thousands will convert to millions of believers praying to Sovereign God to cause his kingdom to come. 

'I call upon salvationists from this territory to engage in this worldwide ecumenical prayer-initiative - both individually and corporately - so that we can align our hearts with fellow believers, and with Jesus, himself, who taught us so to pray!' 

Your glorious cause, O God
Engages our hearts
May Jesus Christ be known
Wherever we are
We ask not for ourselves, but for your renown
The cross has saved us so we pray
Your kingdom come

Looking ahead to 2018

HOPE 2018 is designed to help churches reach out to their communities in words and actions. Download a brochure


Lieut-Colonel Jonathan Roberts - Territorial Ecumenical Officer

Our Partnerships

Local and Regional

Our churches belong to their local Churches Together groups and our divisional (regional) leaders are part of regional Churches Together groups.


At a national level we are members of or partners with:



We are members of the Conference of European Churches and, as a World Communion, we have adviser status at the World Council of Churches, which means we are invited to participate in Central Committee meetings and General Assemblies but do not have a vote.


Our Interfaith engagement includes membership the Churches Forum for Inter Religious Relations, The Council of Christians and Jews and Interfaith Scotland. We are also connected to The Inter Faith Network for the UK through Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

Ecumenical Documents

Over the years The Salvation Army has produced a number of documents of an ecumenical nature. These are available here for download.

A Vision of Neighbourly Love (2016) - a response to the Conference of European Churches' open letter, What Future for Europe?

The Church: Towards a Common Vision (2015) - a response to the World Council of Churches' Faith and Order Paper No 214

The Salvation Army in the Body of Christ: An Ecclesiological Statement (2008) - a statement on The Salvation Army's relationship with other churches

Charta Oecumenica (2001) - a response to the Conference of European Churches' guidelines on growing cooperation among the churches in Europe

Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry (1986) - a response to the World Council of Churches' Faith and Order Paper No 111

Recommended Reading

Called To Be God's People (Robert Street, 1999) The report from the International Spiritual Life Commission, which re-examined The Salvation Army's public and private expressions of worship and faith. Free download 

Catherine Booth: Laying the Theological Foundations of a Radical Movement (John Read, 2014) William and Catherine Booth together founded The Salvation Army. This book examines the theology undergirding Catherine's Salvationist spirituality and reveals the integral relationship between the social and evangelical aspects of Christian mission in her thought. 

Community in Mission (Phil Needham, 2016) Written primarily to give Salvationists a vision of the missionary future into which their Lord is leading them, this book also serves as a basis for theological reflection by others upon the Salvationist movement and as a perspective on ecclesiology as a whole. (free download of the original 1987 book: Community in Mission: A Salvationist Ecclesiology)

Conversations with the Catholic Church (Brendan Leahy and Richard Munn, 2015) A report from a series of informal conversations between representativs of the Roman Catholic Church and The Salvation Army. It has perspectives on a number of subjects, including the nature of the Church, divine revelation, social justice, salvation, sanctification and theology and forms of mission.

Founding Vision for a Future Army (Alan Burns, 2014) In examining both the 'charisms' - the gifts and graces given by the Holy Spirit - of the early Salvationists, and the current situation of the movement, Alan Burns applies fresh thinking and suggests new strategies for future growth and spiritual revival.

In the Master's Hands: Each Life Sacramental (Robert Street, 2016) Produced for Salvationists and non-Salvationists alike, this book and DVD convey what the Army sees as essential or not so essential in its Christian faith and practice.

Like a Mighty Army?: The Salvation Army, the Church, and the Churches (David W Taylor, 2015) In his foreword John H.Y. Briggs says this is 'essential reading for all Salvationists seeking to deepen their understanding of their churchmanship and for all the Army's ecumenical partners, intent on understanding its ecclesial self-understanding, and deepening ecumenical partnership.' 

Portraits: A Month in the Life of The Salvation Army (Cathy Le Feuvre and Leanne Ruthven, 2012) During October 2011 Salvation Army corps (churches) and centres were invited to take 'snapshots' of their ministry. Portraits is a record of the Army through their eyes. With 160 pages and more than 500 images, this high-quality hardback publication is for anyone interested in an historical movement that continues to make its mark in the 21st century. 

The Salvation Army Handbook of Doctrine (The Salvation Army International Headquarters, 2010) This is the latest in a long line of handbooks (the first was in 1881) outlining The Salvation Army’s doctrinal beliefs. It has a study guide and study notes covering the Army’s essential characteristics, its position concerning Christian sacraments, spiritual gifts and how The Salvation Army relates to the wider Church.

The Salvation Army Year Book 2017 (The Salvation Army International Headquarters, 2017) This book is filled with historical information, statistics, reports, lists and areas of service. It covers the work of the Army in 128 countries.

Those Incredible Booths (John Larsson, 2015) This is the remarkable story of William and Catherine as parents. It also has biographies of their eight children, woven together to form one fascinating narrative, as they followed in their parents' footsteps and became pioneer officers.

Who Are These Salvationists?: An Analysis for the 21st Century (Shaw Clifton, 1999) An examination of the history, theology and position of the Salvation Army within the Christian Protestant Evangelical world view.