Covid-19 vaccines

Protect others, save lives, give hope

We believe the Covid-19 vaccine programme gives hope and is a way forward out of the pandemic. 

The Salvation Army is joining with other Churches to encourage people to spread the good news of the Covid vaccines far and wide in our communities. The Covid-19 vaccine is saving lives, protecting others and giving hope to our communities. 

By looking out for hard to reach groups, facilitating clear and kind conversations with some who may be reticent and providing practical support to those who need it, UK churches will play a vital role in the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Protect others, save lives, give hope

If you are invited to receive the vaccine, please consider taking it to save lives. The quicker that we are all vaccinated, the safer we will all be as the vaccine aims to prevent severe illness.

We help vulnerable people all year round, some of whom will be among the first groups to be offered the vaccinations. They are at a high risk of becoming very ill without this mass vaccination programme.

It is important for people working in frontline health and social care to get the jab. This includes people working for The Salvation Army. Getting the vaccine will help us continue to deliver essential services to others because we have protected ourselves. 

Be informed

See the links to the relevant government health websites for your nation about the Covid-19 vaccination programme:

Vaccination priority groups

Give hope and encourage others

Give hope by sharing your story of getting the jab with friends and family, including on your social media profile.

Go to the YourNeighbour website for information and resources to help you have kind and constructive conversations. 

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