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Information about copyright

We are now using increasing amounts of non-Salvation Army repertoire in our publications in our publishing programme. It is our responsibility to ensure that we do so legally, acknowledging the rights of the various copyright owners and paying royalty fees as appropriate.

The Salvation Army was the first Christian denomination in the UK to sign with Christian Copyright Licensing (CCLI) Europefor a denominational Christian Copyright Licence agreement. This agreement gives every corps and centre in the Territory a licence that allows them to reproduce, in print or projected form, the words from a large selection of Christian song lyrics taken from a comprehensive range of song and hymn book publications.

The CCLI has negotiated competitive rates with a number of statutory licensing bodies as technology and creativity have developed. A wide range of licences are now available to cover the use of printed text, video material, recorded and live music (outside the defined context of Divine Worship).

Contact for more information on copyright and licensing.