We offer support to people who need it most


At The Salvation Army we work at the heart of communities, helping the most vulnerable people, across the UK.

At Christmas and throughout the year, we support people experiencing homelessness, families struggling to feed their children and people feeling isolated and lonely.

Will you help support this valuable work by donating today?

With the current cost-of-living crisis, we don’t know how many people will turn to us, desperate for help, in the coming weeks and months. But we know we need to be ready. We never want to be in a position where we can’t help someone who desperately needs us and has nowhere else to turn.

This Christmas, all over the country, we will be organising lunches for people who would otherwise be completely alone. We will be delivering toys to children whose parents are too poor to afford to do so. We will be giving parcels of food to people who are facing dire hardship and cannot buy even the bare necessities of life. We will be visiting people who are sick or bereaved. And we will be opening our doors to anyone who is distressed and friendless.

The services we provide are diverse, reflecting the needs of the hundreds of communities we serve.

Please support our Christmas Appeal so we can provide support to those in desperate need.

A gift of:

  • £9 could provide one-to-one support work for a homeless person in one of our centres.
  • £19 could help provide a box of groceries and modest gifts, so that families who are struggling in poverty can share a basic Christmas meal together.
  • £45 could provide a Christmas dinner and the promise of companionship for 6 lonely older people.