General Election 2024

We urge all political parties to make supporting the most vulnerable in society a priority of the General Election. 

Regardless of which party forms the next Government, we will continue to speak up for the poor, the homeless, the marginalised, and the forgotten until there is positive and meaningful change.

Modern Slavery Manifesto

Recommendations for renewing the UK's commitment to the safety of victims of trafficking and modern slavery.

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What can you do? 

In the coming weeks candidates will be attending and engaging with their prospective constituents. This provides an opportunity for you to engage with the candidates in your area and what they will seek to do for your community, the issues that matter to you; and on issues impacting the most marginalised and vulnerable in society.

The Public Affairs Unit has prepared the following resources covering four key principles to help you consider what you are looking from your candidates to build a better world and enable people to live life to the fullest:

Voter Registration and Local Campaigning

Before voter registration for the General Election closed on 18 June, we armed our frontline officers and staff to provide information and advice to marginalised people in their communities on how to register to vote in the general election.

The Salvation Army is politically neutral so our officers have been speaking with parliamentary candidates from all parties so they can understand the needs of vulnerable people in their communities and what support works locally.

Campaigning and policy

Working with decision makers to ensure the views of vulnerable people are heard.

Social Justice Champions

Use your voice and become a Social Justice Champion for The Salvation Army.

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Salvation Army: Poverty must not silence people this election

We’ve armed our frontline officers and staff with advice to encourage the people they serve to vote.