Adult social care - Supported housing

The Salvation Army offers support to older people across the country, including running 13 residential care homes in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

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Adult social care

As the number of older people continues to increase, the need for affordable adult social care is becoming more pressing. However, for many older people without substantial savings or resources, the choice of care can be limited and of poor quality. Without the right kind of support, older people’s needs will often worsen to the point where they require more specialist forms of support, including expensive hospital care.

As a provider of both community-based support and residential care for older people, The Salvation Army is well aware of the benefit of providing high quality, person-centred care in a friendly and supportive atmosphere; allowing people in later life to continue playing an active role in their communities by exploring new avenues and activities, visiting with their friends and family and continuing to maintain their independence. 

Society is undoubtedly strengthened when everyone, regardless of their background or financial means, is able to enjoy dignity and security in old age. In order to ensure that older people who are unable to self-fund their care are able to have more choice and control over the support they receive, we ask the next government to provide a sustainable source of funding to local authorities to ensure they are able to set fair fee rates, which accurately reflect the costs of quality domiciliary and residential social care.​

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