Fiscal Stewardship principles

At The Salvation Army we are blessed by the generosity of the public, our own people, and also through public funds provided to run government and local authority contracts. 

We need to ensure that we use this money wisely to extend God’s kingdom. To do that, we need to nurture a culture at all levels of our movement that is transparent and mutually accountable. 

The Stewardship Principles Development Group was established in 2019 under the direction of the Territorial Operations Board and was tasked with the development of a set of overarching fiscal stewardship principles that would help to guide decision making across the Territory.


  1. God owns it all
    As stewards of God’s resources we do not have any entitlement, only responsibilities.
  2. Kingdom values
    We will strive for the highest standards of ethical behaviour and will act with honesty, integrity and transparency and in our fiscal interactions.
  3. Essential priorities
    We will live within our available resources in the knowledge that we must also plan for the future.
  4. Mission effectiveness
    Our available resources must be directed to places where they will have the greatest impact.
  5. Required accountability
    Responsibility for fiscal stewardship and decision making will be delegated to the most local level possible whereby accountability is assured. ​

These principles are not meant to be theoretical but lived out by everyone who is part of the Salvation Army family. 

Please see more in the Fiscal Stewardship Principles guide below. 

Financial reports

Download the Fiscal Stewardship Principles