Subject guides

Our subject guides are designed to help you find out what records we hold on a particular topic.

At present six guides are available. You can download them using the links below.

Subject guides from the International Heritage Centre


Subject Guide 1: Denotified Tribes

A guide to The Salvation Army's work with Denotified Tribes in India, historically referred to as 'Criminal Tribes'


Subject Guide 2: Officer records

A guide to tracing records of Salvation Army ministers, known as officers


Subject Guide 3: Migration

A guide to The Salvation Army's work in assisting emigration in the twentieth century


Subject Guide 4: Criminal Law Amendment Act

A guide to The Salvation Army's involvement in the 'Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon' campaign and the Eliza Armstrong trial


Subject Guide 5: Wars and conflict

A guide to The Salvation Army's activities during wars and international conflict


Subject Guide 6: Women in Ministry

A guide to The Salvation Army's attitude towards female ministry and the experiences of female officers

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