Olivia's Story


Meet Olivia. From foster care to a recent cancer diagnosis, The Salvation Army became her family. In lockdown, with no support, she struggled through the cost-of-living crisis, your help made a difference. This is her story.

Olivia is wearing a christmas jumper and sitting at a table laid for a Christmas dinner at a Salvation Army church. Her little girl sits on her lap and her little boy on her left. They are also both wearing Christmas jumpers and hats from the crackers. A salvation Army volunteer wearing a red apron is standing with them and they are all smiling at the camera.

I first found The Salvation Army during lockdown – me and my children had not long moved to the area and we had no-one to turn to. We were on our own; at times it was lonely. When the cost-of-living crisis started, and the energy prices kept rising, I started to struggle.

During winter it was particularly tough. We didn’t have the heating on as I needed to cut back; we’d wear jumpers and have blankets to keep warm, but it got too much. I visited The Salvation Army’s cost-of-living support hub and they helped me out with energy top-ups and vouchers for food. It was one less thing for me to worry about and took the pressure off.

Then I was diagnosed with cancer. The bottom of my world fell out. I had surgery at the beginning of December and was discharged the day before Christmas Eve. I had nothing ready. Finding out about the cancer took its toll on my mental health; it flipped everything upside down.

And then, once again, came The Salvation Army. They gave me a sack of presents for the children from their Christmas Present Appeal. It was a huge relief, a weight lifted from my shoulders. My children simply wouldn’t have had a Christmas without The Salvation Army and if it wasn’t for them, I don’t know what we would have done. I don’t know where we would be now.

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